The Endnotes and Name Index for each of Alexander's children's lines will be found with their respective Table of Contents.

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Alexander Hamilton Willard Genealogy

Master Table of Contents

Descendants of Alexander Hamilton Willard Sr
Generation One : Alexander H. Willard and Elinor McDonald
Generation Two

          Austin James Willard's Line
          George Clark Willard's Line
          Alexander Hamilton Willard Jr's Line
          Eliza Martha Willard's Line
          Roland Rudolph Willard's Line
          Christiana D. Willard's Line
          Joel Willard's Line
          Nancy Adeline Willard's Line
          Narcissa C. Willard's Line
          Eleanor C. Willard's Line
          Lewis Augustus Willard's Line



Dodge Collateral Line

Feathers Collateral Line
Frost Collateral Line

McDonald Collateral Line

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