Below, you'll see mistakes that have been uncovered by eagle-eyed singers. We hope they can be rectified in the next printing (not currently scheduled). If you have found a mistake that is not listed here, contact us by clicking below.

Only musical mistakes, and mistakes in the hymn poem words are included here. This is to make it easy for singers to quickly scan through the list and mark up their tunebooks so that we can all be singing these songs accurately. Mistakes in attributions of the hymn poems or the hymn tunes, or date mistakes, or punctuation mistakes are being privately compiled against the day when a major revision is once more undertaken. Last updated 29 August 2016.



In paragraph 117 in the first sentence of the Answer: change "relative minor" to "relative major".
Verse 1: "Others by thy Word" change to "Others by thy grace".
100 Verses 3 & 6: change "bower" to "bow'r".
102 Bottom brace, verse 3: change "assunder" to "asunder"
135 Verse 2: "Wandering drom the fold" change to "Wandering from the fold".
137 Bottom brace, Treble part, 4th measure from end, 2nd note: the 8th note FA on G should be a LA on G.
146 Verse 4: change "no less years" to "no less days".
164 Top brace, last measure, verse 1: change "Nay," to "Nay."
182 Top brace, 1st measure fuge in tenor: change "He" to "Ye" as in other parts
187 Top brace, 4th verse: change "mon-arch's game" to "mon-arch's gems".
205 Missing music attribution: add "Alto & Treble from Genuine Church Music, 1832."
272 Bottom brace, Alto part, measures 4-6: notes for "joys" should be slurred; notes for "gone" should be tied.
272 Bottom brace, Bass part, measure 5: notes for "hast-" should be slurred.
302 Bottom brace, "grasss" should be "grass".
312 Missing endnote: "This is a minor companion to #444b The Teacher's Farewell".
338 Bottom brace, Bass part, 2nd full measure: the slur should go across the 1st three notes.
353 Top brace, last measure, word under Tenor part: "Is-ra-" should be "Is-rael".
366 Bottom brace, 1st measure, word under Tenor part: "-plete," should be "man,"
389t Footnote: change "on pg. 593" to "on pg. 583".
389t In the middle of the song, measure 8: move the repeat dots to just after the half rest, in all staves.
395b Measure in middle, just before repeat bar & dots: change the dotted half notes to simple half notes.
404 Bottom brace, Tenor part, 3rd measure from end, above words "He will": 8th note SOLs on A should be FAs on G.
420 Top brace, Treble part, measure 5: restore LAs on E (scale note 1) to first two notes as choice notes.
444b Missing endnote: "This is a major companion to #312 Sing To Me Of Heaven."
458 Composer's name: change "Willlliams" to "Williams".
478 Top brace, verse 3, 2nd measure from end: change "jo-ful" to "joy-ful".
483 Bottom brace, all parts: the final measure is incomplete: add a 1/4 rest after the dotted half note. Don't forget to turn the page to sing the rest of the song!
492 Top brace, verse 2, 3rd measure from end: change "-deeem-" to "-deem-".
514 Top brace, Bass part, 2nd ending: add as choice notes to LAs on D, the other LAs on G, in either octave.
544 Top brace, Tenor part, next to last measure: 2nd note should be a FA on C (as in same m. bottom brace).
557 Bottom brace, Tenor part, next to last measure: change last note from MI on E to LA on D.
587 Bottom brace, Tenor part, next to last measure: add a slur across the 1st two notes as in the alto and treble parts.
605 Missing Tune Name in Index: add "King of Peace...74" as it is the Denson SH name for Solid Comfort.
608 Missing pair of Major/Minor Companions: The Teacher's Farewell #444b & Sing To Me Of Heaven #312
Please write with your suggestions or if you spot something that needs correcting.