to the online Minutes of Singings using The Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition (aka Cooper SH)

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Secretaries for All-day Singings, monthly practice singings, and specially-called singings are invited to place their minutes here as well as with the usual recipients (e.g. the "big" Alabama Minutes book or with Aubrey Barfield). Check the list to see if your singing has been received. If not, download the Minutes Template and after filling it in, return it to us as an attachment to your email. Use one template per singing, please. You may also simply send a copy to us of what is submitted to the usual recipient and skip filling out the Template. Listings here are FREE to the singings.
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download templateClick on the icon to download a Microsoft Office .xls worksheet (openable also by OpenOffice). Enter the name of your event in Column B, the date (YYYY-MM-DD) in Column C, the leader's name (first last) in Column D, and the page # in Column E. Put info like "Opening Song", "Call Back", "Closing Song", in Column G. [Thank you to Rachel Wells Hall who used Robert Vaughn's tunelist for creating this worksheet.]



How often a particular Cooper SH song has been led, as recorded in the submitted minutes, is displayed here. These charts will be updated as additional minutes are submitted.

Please write with your suggestions or if you spot something that needs correcting.

Contact: CooperSHminutes@weelyrd.net